Privacy Policy

This website was created by me for the benefit of scientists and engineers to help expand their knowledge and understanding of the universe.

I have never made one penny of revenue from the operation of this site. In fact, all this web site does is cost me money. Over the decade+ I have run this site, I have spent hundreds of dollars out of my own personal funds to pay for hosting and registration fees for the benefit of the users.

I have never placed an ad on this site, nor sold any data from the use of this site to anyone, nor have I used any data from the use of this site for the purposes of generating any revenue.

In order to keep my expenses to a minimum, I self-host this site on a personal server from my home. I use a Cloudflare Zero Trust reverse proxy for security purposes. Cloudflare may utilize cookies and other tracking technologies for the purposes of analyzing traffic to determine whether that traffic is malicious. I have no control over what cookies or other tracking Cloudflare uses. Simply know that all cookies are required to access this web site. You can view Cloudflare's privacy policy here:

I am not an enterprise with IT and Legal departments. I am simply one individual running this website as a hobby for no revenue or profit.