The Website

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This website is a demonstration of a full-stack web-based implementation of a variety of algorithms, simulations, and calculations used in optical science. Both the front and back end were programmed by me, Chris Berger. I hope you find this website useful.

How to cite: Berger, Chris G. "[Name of Specific Page]", Optics: The Website, [Full URL of Specific Page]. Accessed on 7/13/2024

Example citation: Berger, Chris G. "Blackbody Calculator", Optics: The Website, https://www.opticsthewebsite.com/OpticsCalculators. Accessed on 7/13/2024

Framework: ASP.NET Core 7.0.19 Web App (Razor + Middleware)

Backend Language: C#

Coding environment: Visual Studio 2022

Server: Self-hosted Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine, reversed proxied with Cloudflare Zero Trust tunnel

Libraries and frameworks used: Chart.js, MathJAX, Accord Framework, SixLabors.ImageSharp

The Author

I have been an engineer since 2006. I earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University in 2006, an MS in Optical Science from the University of Arizona in 2011, and a graduate certificate in Nanoscale Materials Science from Stanford University in 2013. I am certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt by Arizona State University. I live in Tucson, AZ with my wife Elizabeth and cat Jester. I enjoy cooking, e-sports, and computer programming.

Email: chrisberger at gmail

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/opticschris

Resume: Click Here